Benefits of Kickboxing

It's undeniable that kickboxing is one of the best workouts for your body. It's a combo of cardio and strength training, which means it burns your fat while toning your muscles simultaneously. But that's not even all. Kickboxing is quite popular for producing visible results fast.

If there's something that makes kickboxing different from other cardio exercises, it's that it's so much fun. Try it and you won't even notice an hour pass by! Of course, we all know that there's more kickboxing than the fun. There are solid benefits to this type of workout, such as:

Complete Body Toning

Yes, not one part of your body - arms, legs, abs, etc. - isn't going to benefit from kickboxing. A study shows that five weeks of regular training can yield considerable improvements in muscle power, agility and speed. It's a lot like swimming, a classic full-body workout. If you've tried kickboxing in the past, then you know that no part of your body isn't moving throughout an entire workout. With this constant movement, your muscles become more defined with each session. Visit for more information.

This is something not many workout plans have. It isn't only good for your mind and body, but it also teaches you self-defense. The workout uses jabs and strikes that can be used in real life defense situations. While other martial arts-inspired workouts come with a lot of frills that are useless outside the gym, kickboxing is pretty straightforward and useful all the way.

Weight Maintenance

Kickboxing is a high-impact, high-intensity workout that will keep you moving. Your heart rate goes up, and of course, your body burns calories too. Kickboxing for an hour can make you lose around 750 calories, not to mention it's the best way to minimize belly fat, which is related to heart disease and diabetes. Visit  Kanata Kickboxing for more information.

Stress Management

Whether you're harboring any negative emotions or you're simply stressed out, punching away is always a great way to feel better. As mentioned, kickboxing keeps you in constant motion, and studies show this is helpful in terms of controlling anxiety, anger or depression. Besides, with the strong rush of endorphins (feel good hormones) you'll get, it will be easy to keep those worries at bay.

Improved Endurance

Finally, if you're looking for a workout that build endurance, kickboxing is it. Remember that with kickboxing, you need to master your breathing so it doesn't end up getting winded. Thus, with the high level of cardio activity involved in this workout, you will strengthen not only your muscles but your lungs as well. Indeed, this is the complete workout that you could be looking for.